ROBIN RUTH – famous brand textile products, which is the world’s largest supplier of souvenir items. All products are brand is excellent quality and fully meet the design idea, which is ensured by strict control at all stages of production. ROBIN RUTH model produced from both natural and synthetic fabrics.

The company “TURIM”, spokesman ROBIN RUTH brand in Ukraine, is looking for. Favorable conditions and excellent potential for production in the Ukrainian market are attractive for both novice entrepreneurs and large companies online stores. By expanding its product range with products ROBIN RUTH, you will attract a new audience customers – stylish and confident in their choice.

The strategy of our business we set to work actively with our partners. We offer mutually advantageous cooperation, all the conditions for dynamic business growth and sustainable development in the long term, together with our company.

Partnership with ROBIN RUTH provides excellent opportunities to your business:

  • the growing popularity of your brand through the world famous brand;
  • increase in sales due to growth in turnover;
  • individual approach and better conditions for cooperation;
  • prompt delivery of products and frequently updated product range.

We work with large companies such as Hallmark, KLM / Northwest Airlines, Walt Disney, Toys R Us, World, the hotel chain Marriott, EXPO (trading network for the sale of souvenirs and gifts, which includes 90 shops across Europe).